Who We Are
The Society Women's Center

We are a group of creative thinkers, #societygirls who have built an amazing space to connect, share our passions and be able to make an impact with our business. PLUS practice self care.
The Society is a collaborative and creative female co-working space where you can pursue your work, passions, ideas and what's next.

Join our #societygirl community to:

Dream, Grow & Thrive

A Place To Belong
The Society believes in the power of creation, collaboration and community. We believe you deserve a beautiful space, a sense of belonging and a community who believes deeply in your ability to make an impact with your work.
A Dream Lab
We understand that as women, we go through many stages along our journey. We know that big changes can lead to feeling isolated or stuck. The Society helps awaken your creativity by providing opportunities to connect, jump start your next chapter and inspiration to pursue your passions.
A Place to Grow
We believe a creative, kind, supportive environment elevates your growth both personally and professionally. #societygirls represent strength, courage and they are on a mission to make an impact in their communities.
A Place To Get Empowered
We offer programs, classes, workshops and courses so you can thrive and evolve with your dreams, passions and work.
A Place To Share Your Work
We have created classy, professional spaces so you can meet with your clients, host your own class or workshop and share your gifts with others.
A Place To Give Back
We believe Women In Business create their business to be able to give back to their community and make an impact.
Join our Community
Are you looking for collaboration and a kind, creative environment to grow your ideas, your dreams or just to reflect? Call us to become a #societygirl today!
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